Philip J. Erickson

  Principal Economist, Haus.io

I’m an empirical IO-trained economist with an unhealthy obsession for building scalable IO systems to replace myself. My equations know what you want and, more importantly, why you want it. Machine learning and structural estimation were made for each other – as much as I can, I always invite them to the same parties.

I am currently a Principal Economist at Haus.io, a marketing measurement SAAS startup that democratizes causal inference to help marketers measure incrementality of marketing strategies, allocate budgets efficiently, and maximize growth. I owns econometric research and development for future products in the Haus marketing science platform.

I came to Haus from Amazon where I was the lead economist for scaling causal modeling of customer preferences for Amazon Devices. In this role, I developed the science and software to measure customer willingness-to-pay for every major Amazon-branded consumer electronics product. I also owned the econometric models that measured the ongoing causal impact that Device/Prime joint marketing investment had on company finances.

I have researched and taught econometrics and data science in both academia and industry, most recently as an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Economics at University of Washington.